Masks and Snorkels

Our product range includes various masks - for divers, surface rescuers, and swimmers. Whether you choose a transparent or black silicone mask with a colored or black frame, it is less important than how it fits your face. The well-fitting diving mask keeps water out and helps you see underwater or on the surface.

Snorkels have a role in water safety, preventing water from entering the airways when swimming on the surface.

The masks come in different shapes and sizes. The smaller ones can easily fit in the pocket of a rescuer's or diver's suit. We also have a selection of snorkels with a splash guard to prevent water from entering the snorkel and a purge valve for easy emptying. Snorkels also fit into a pocket. It is our recommendation to try the mask before making a purchase.

We have more Scubapro and Nothern Diver masks and snorkels available than you can find here. Just send us your request by email or use the chat window. We are sure that we can fulfill most of your wishes within a few days!