In our climate, you can be sure that even there is no proper snow in the winter, there is no escape from the slippery and icy paths and roads.

You can grab ski poles or put some granite winter abrasive in the bag for slippery paths, but the easiest way is to use the micro crampons designed for this purpose.

From our portfolio, you can find the selection of micro crampons from our Austrian partner Nortec Sport. The micro crampons are easy to use, available for professionals (rescuers, EMS providers) and weekend hikers. And we recommend to everyone to grab a pair or two if your journey takes you to side roads either by foot or by car.

If you want to find a suitable model for your team's daily use, ask to see and try our samples. We have a simple rule for using samples - if you like those, pay the enclosed bill and keep the micro crampons.

Click here to see the selection of Nortec Micro Crampons.