It can be a myth that a person loses much of their body heat through the head area, but the fact is that it has a crucial role in our thermoregulation. Therefore, it is obvious to use a hat in windy, wet, or cold weather. The cooling process in the water is even faster. Therefore it is wise to use a hood for all water activities.

Our product range includes various hoods - for divers, surface rescuers, and boatmen. The thickness of the hood is usually between 2.5 mm and 7 mm. Thicker hoods, designed for our harsh conditions, often have an extra thermal insulation layer to help keep the head warm.

When choosing a hood, be sure that it is not too big or too small. If a hood is too big, the water runs through the hood, and we catch a cold faster. In the second case, the too-small hood can impede blood circulation, resulting in lost consciousness. Therefore, we recommend trying the hood before buying it!

We have more hoods available than you can find here. Just send us your request by email or use the chat window. We are sure that we can fulfill most of your wishes within a few days!