Throw Bag with Reflective Line (15m, 20m, 25m, 30m)

Northern Diver Specialist Rescue Equipment (SRE) Throw Bags with Reflective Line contain specialist rope.

NDiver designed the bags to work in conjunction with the strong and durable PP rope so that they can be thrown to someone in trouble in the water and used to help pull the casualty to safety, as long as said casualty is conscious and able to assist. This can be achieved via the high breaking strain of the rope coupled with the stainless steel D-ring and the anchor point inside the bottom of the bag.

Throw Bags are also incredibly useful for swift water rescue situations. You can throw them into the water ahead of a moving casualty so they can use it to avoid moving further downstream. For speedy access, Throw Bags are often attached to a rescuer’s personal protective equipment.

Throw Bags are easy to throw as well as being quick and easy to repack. Bags are robust and reliable and with good compact design. The Throw Bags with Reflective Line are supplied with a Throw Bag Guide Belt.

Storage Bag:

Manufactured from ultra durable rip-stop Cordura® with nylon interior, Throw Bags are designed specifically for the water rescue sector.

The bag has high visibility reflective bands and a mesh draining base so that it can drain and dry quickly after the bags been in the water.

The bag also sports a quick-clip clean line attachment point and has a drawstring neck open and closure.

Reflective technical floating rope:

The 8mm thick line is highly reflective and can be removed from the bag and used on its own.

The yellow polypropylene (PP) cored rope floats in water. This provides the flotation element of the rope while the braided nylon sheath that is jacketed around this core adds the strength and wear-resistance. The braided nylon jacket also adds strength and protection.

The reflective element comes from the silver thread integrated into the construction. It's really useful, especially at night and in poor visibility.

Throw Bag dimensions:

  • 15m - LxD: 27x11cm, weight: 0.7kg
  • 20m - LxD: 35x11cm, weight: 0.9kg
  • 25m - LxD:38x11cm, weight: 1.1kg
  • 30m - LxD: 40x11cm, weight: 1.2kg


  • Rope thickness: 8mm
  • Rope length: 15m, 20m, 25m & 30m
  • Rope colour: yellow polypropylene cored rope with reflective silver thread
  • Rope construction: polypropylene (PP) core with a braided nylon sheath
  • Load tested to 900kg
  • Reflective technical PP line floats in water
  • Rope can be removed and used on its own
  • Bag construction: ultra durable rip-stop Cordura® with nylon interior
  • Drawstring neck opening bag with mesh draining base & high-vis reflective bands
  • Quick-clip clean line attachment point
  • Supplied with throw bag guide belt
  • Throw Bags conform to the standards for Health and Safety that are stated in Annex II of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC


  • Delivery approx 8-10 business days.
  • Orders dispatched mostly from UK warehouse (all sizes available), some of the models available in our EU warehouse (1-3 business days delivery available to Estonia, Latvia, FInland).
  • All orders over 150EUR (excluding VAT) - free standard delivery applies in Estonia.
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