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The Ruth Lee Advanced Water Rescue Manikin * is an innovative and pioneering solution for water rescue training. The manikin has been created in collaboration with Ruth Lee Ltd and Lifecast Body Simulation development teams.

The more realistic the water rescue scenarios are during training, the better prepared your team is for a genuine emergency. Previously, teams practiced water rescue techniques using one manikin and switched to a different one for medical skills. With the Advanced Water Rescue Manikin, this is no longer necessary. Advanced Water Rescue Manikin allows your crew to complete a full, simulated drowning rescue with just one manikin.

Combining Lifecast's ultra-realistic technology with the protective and rugged Ruth Lee manikin body, the new manikin can accurately simulate rescuing a drowning victim. The manikin allows rescuers and medical practitioners to train more effectively and quickly under pressure and in hostile conditions.

The Ruth Lee outer body aids buoyancy in open waters, pools, lakes, and rivers. It helps maintain the body in the drowned position, ensuring the advanced water rescue manikin has protection in harsh environments.

The manikin replicates hydrostatic squeeze, which means water does not enter the lung system. At the same time, you can choose to add water using a three-way tap, which allows you to create different drowning scenarios (submerged or immersed). It is the very first solution used in the world for water rescue training.

* Advanced Water Rescue Manikin range is patented.

You can find more information about Advanced Water Rescue Manikin from here.


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