Fire Simulation Solutions

Mohni sells a wide range of products for the realistic staging of rescue and evacuation training scenarios. When our senses are captured - seeing, smelling, and hearing - even the simplest training scenario becomes lifelike.

Creating and using a realistic environment for training significantly improves results. Whether it's a factory, office, hospital, care home, or school, a proper evacuation plan is essential everywhere. Good preparation of employees is critical to your organization's occupational health and safety strategy.

Fire simulation also adds challenges and excitement to existing evacuation and rescue training.    

You don't have to spend millions to create a realistic training environment. With our products, you can design fire training that suits your budget.

To bring to our customers the best fire simulation solutions, Mohni is partnering with FireWare from the Netherlands.

Mohni does not just sell products! We also advise on how to use different solutions together for the best results.

Get in touch, and we will put together the best solution for you!