Regardless of the climate, a person needs protection suitable for a shorter or longer stay in the water. And as on land, you have to choose the right suit when going into the water.

Mohni offers its customers drysuits suitable for diving, water sports, boating, and water rescue.

Water rescue suits from Mohni withstand even the harshest conditions while allowing rescuers to maintain adequate mobility. Rescuers will find from us the needed, whether it is for sea rescue, a rebellious and fast-flowing river, or a lake-swamp.

Diving suits are suitable for our harsh cold Baltic Sea conditions, where the water temperature in the deep sea does not rise above a few degrees even in mid-summer.

Don't forget that a drysuit alone does not guarantee a pleasant and warm dive or activity in the water. A proper undersuit must be in use, and it is our firm recommendation to dress up in layers. You can read about our undersuits here.

Did you know that most of our suits, you can order with personally fitted cuffs, socks, and boots?

If it seems that you need something more, don't be afraid to ask - you can also order a suit that fits your measurements through us.

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