Manikin Accessories

Ruth Lee manikins are tough and durable. Use manikins friendly, keep them clean, service in between training, and the dummies last long. Naturally, manikin overalls or boots get damaged during tens of training sessions. But those are changeable!

We also recommend using our large, reinforced, waterproof PVC holdall for transporting and storing the dummies. If dummies constantly are dragged during training tasks (particularly during Fire-fighter induction trials), we recommend using the leg protectors.

Face masks with and without a wig add to the fidelity of life. However, remember that when training, in hospitals, for example, a manikin must be distinguishable from the patient. Therefore, for example, the head of a patient handling training manikin is red. To add even more realism, use our shout box with your pre-recorded messages (Help me! I don't feel my legs!)

From time to time, you may need heavier manikins. For this purpose, we have easy-to-use weight vests weighing 10 kg and 20 kg (Note! Not suitable for water scenarios). If you have the Man Over Board manikin with an orange coverall and there is a need to use it in search and rescue scenarios, you will find a dark hoodie for that.

Because we use manikins in real-life situations, training manikins mustn't be lost in stormy or fast-flowing rivers if the "search" fails. Below you can find a waterproof GPS module to track your valuable training partner's location.

If you are not sure which accessory is right for your manikin, contact us via the chat window, phone, or email.