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Support Program for Volunteer Rescue Heroes from Ruth Lee

Volunteer rescue teams and other volunteer heroes – here is the information for applying for an international support program for purchasing training equipment.

We are looking for teams of volunteers whose daily activities are helping people and our four-legged friends. Water rescue, firefighters, social welfare, etc – all important areas where additional resources are more than welcome to improve their performance.

Mohni LS OÜ is an importer and partner of Ruth Lee Ltd training manikins in Estonia and Latvia. Ruth Lee manikins are indispensable companions for both professional rescuers and social care workers in training and coaching. And not just for them!

Voluntary organizations often lack the resources to acquire even the most basic. To increase the level of volunteer training, Ruth Lee Ltd has launched a social assistance program for voluntary organizations, during which grants have been distributed since 2017 for the purchase of much-needed training equipment.

Volunteer Heroes will provide financial support (up to the value of £5,000) to successful applicants. There is £5,000 available for UK teams and £5,000 available to International teams and this fund may be awarded to one organisation, or in smaller denominations to several worthy causes.

Read more about the program and leave your application form here.

Each year, a selection is made between different organizations – even small community firefighters can participate in the application round on an equal basis. Applications must be submitted by the end of March at the latest. This year's selection will be made in early April.

If you have any further questions about participating in the program, please contact us.

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