Duty Plus Training Manikin | Ruth Lee

Duty Plus training manikin is an updated version of the Duty Range manikin with enhanced features. It has been designed to act as a conscious casualty and is more rigid and upright in the head and chest area.

Duty Plus Manikin is constructed with a plastic spine to help prevent head flopping, closed-cell foam in the back, and Polypropylene strips that run to the waist/ hip area allowing flexibility and a more ‘upright’ position - perfect for sitting in vehicles, for example.

The Duty Plus Manikin design lets it be the perfect partner for different training scenarios, including confined space training, Road Traffic Collision (RTC) extrication exercises, USAR, HAZMAT/CBRN scenarios, and other general handling training exercises.

The Duty Plus Manikin is available in one adult size - 1.8 m in height and weighing 50 kg.

Optional Extras:
  • Tough drag protectors and overalls greatly extend the life of your Duty Plus Manikin.
  • Face mask and wig for a more human-like appearance.
  • Interactive ShoutBox and hood to give your conscious casualty the power of speech to add extra realism *
  • Optional Extras are available on Manikin Accessories page.
* The ShoutBox is an interactive voice recorder that allows the instructor to record a message specific to the day's training exercise. The ShoutBox can emit sounds in a loop or have the message play by sound activation.

Not suited for:

Read more about Duty Plus Training Manikin here.


  • Delivery min 15 business days after receiving the order in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.
  • Manikins are produced in the Ruth Lee factory in the UK. We keep in our warehouse in Estonia a few manikins. If the ordered model is available, then 1-3 business days delivery is available to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.
  • All orders over 150EUR (excluding VAT) - free standard delivery applies in Estonia.